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Powers to Arrest & Use of Force Training Refresher

Course Details

Before November 29th, 2023, the first 8 hours (Powers to Arrest & Weapons of Mass Destruction) are available online.

After November 30th, 2023, the first 8 hours (Powers to Arrest & Use of Force) must be completed in person, in a classroom setting, with an instructor physically present, at an authorized training facility. AEGIS does not currently offer Powers to Arrest & Use of Force for the intiial guard card training.

The Powers to Arrest & Use of Froce refresher course can be used to help satisfy annual refresher training for the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services Guard Card. It is an essential training program designed to equip security guards with the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to exercise their authority effectively while understanding its limitations. This comprehensive course comprises eight modules that cover various aspects of the power to arrest and use of force and its implications within the security guard profession.

This course will include the following modules:

  • Role/Responsibility of Security
  • Authority to Question
  • Criminal & Civil Liability
  • Factors to Consider Before Making an Arrest
  • Making an Arrest
  • Terrorism Awareness
  • Report Writing
  • PTA Exam
  • Legal Standards for Use of Force
  • Communications & Use of Force
  • The Use of Objectively Reasonable Force
  • Use of Force Review and Analysis
  • Use of Force Supervisor Responsibilities
  • Use of Force Bias
  • Use of Force Scenario Training
  • Active Shooter Response

By the completion of the Power to Arrest course, security guards will have developed a solid foundation of knowledge and skills necessary to exercise their authority within the boundaries of the law and act as responsible professionals in their role.

Base Price $20.00