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 In Person Group Training

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Mandatory Elective Courses

Mandatory Elective Courses

Under Construction

The Mandatory Elective Courses has a total of six courses that the student can take. The participant will have 20 hours of content. Each course will have between 6 and 8 modules.

It will contain modules such as:

- Emergency Procedure

- Officer Safety

- First Aid Review / CPR / Stop the Bleed

- Handling Difficult People

- Active Shooter Prevention, Preparedness & Response

- Crowd Control

Base Price $45.00

Course Includes

Emergency Procedures

$15.00 Value

Officer Safety

$15.00 Value

First Aid Review / CPR / Stop the Bleed 

$15.00 Value

Handling Difficult People

$15.00 Value

Active Shooter Prevention, Preparedness, & Response

$15.00 Value

Crowd Control

$15.00 Value